Finding A Property
Moving In
During Your Tenancy
Ending Your Tenancy

Finding A Property

Finding a property to rent with MRC couldn’t be easier, using our quick search facility you can find your ideal property and, arrange a date and time to view the property with our dedicated property professional.

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Applying for the property

Once you have found your ideal home, the next step is applying for the property!

You can complete our application process online via our website link and, then we will begin the relevant referencing.

In order to complete your application, you will need to provide the following details and documentation:

  • Full name, date of birth, nationality
  • Previous address history for last 3 years
  • Proof of residence: bank, credit card or mobile phone statement
  • Occupation/income
  • Bank account: details of the bank account to be used to pay the rent
  • Credit/debit card: details of the card and statement address
  • Your next of kin: details of who to contact in an emergency on your behalf
  • Name of previous landlord/managing agent (if any)
  • Contact details of someone who can provide a character reference for you

NB: If you’re a student you will need to provide proof of your student status


In some instances, we will request a Guarantor to underwrite the rent. A Guarantor typically must be a homeowner with a clean credit history and must satisfy the affordability for the rental income. Your contact at MRC will explain more if necessary and make the appropriate arrangements.

Admin Fee

Once the Landlord is happy to proceed your application to referencing there are no fees to be paid. When all the references have been completed and satisfactorily conducted we shall be able to offer you a tenancy.

Tenant Fees

Moving In

Moving into the rented property

If your application has been successful, your contact at MRC will contact you and agree a move in date with you and organise an appointment for you to come into branch and sign the relevant documentation.

Prior to your move in date, a comprehensive inventory will be prepared to record the condition of the property, which will be emailed to you prior to this date.

You are then given seven days from the day your tenancy commences, to check the inventory and report back to us any discrepancies you may find, should none be reported it will be taken that you are in agreeance with the inventory supplied. A comparison will be made between the Inventory against the outgoing report to determine if deductions for repairs should be taken from your rental deposit. An inventory records the general condition of each room (the walls, appliances, curtains, lighting etc) which will be used for comparison against the report done at check-out stage.

We will ensure that the property is clean and tidy prior to you moving in and issue a cleaning certificate to support this. We will send to you via email any instruction booklets or appliance manuals relevant to the property. If the property is ‘Managed’ by MRC, we will send you a Tenant’s Information Pack detailing our contact details during the tenancy.

Contents of Tenants’ Information Pack for renting

  • Contact numbers you’ll need for MRC (e.g. your Property Manager).
  • Copy of the Tenancy Agreement.
  • Property Inventory
  • Gas safety check (if applicable).
  • Standing order forms.
  • Any service contracts relating to property.
  • Particular requirements relating to the property.
  • Guidance notes issued to tenants: Damp and Condensation leaflet, Deposits information Replacing Tenant information, Reporting repairs, Tenant’s information sheet.

Tenancy Agreement

During your previously arranged appointment, your contact at MRC will go through the Tenancy Agreement, known as an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, with you and provide you with a copy signed by all parties. Generally, the points you should note under the Tenancy Agreement are:

  • The Tenancy Agreement is between you and the Landlord. MRC are not a party to the Contract and are not appointed to arbitrate its terms.
  • All Tenants have joint and several liabilities under the Tenancy Agreement.
  • You are contracted to stay in the property for the duration stated in the Tenancy Agreement. The Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement means that the Landlord has already served formal Notice to you to give up possession on the date stated in the Tenancy Agreement.
  • Where a Guarantor has entered into an Agreement, in the event of the Tenant not meeting the obligations under the Agreement, the Guarantor would be liable to accept responsibility.

Provision of keys

You will be given a set of keys to the property at the start of your tenancy. MRC will also retain a set of keys which will be used to enter the property to carry out routine inspections or repairs as the terms of the tenancy agreement allow and with appropriate notice given to the tenant.

Deposits and rental payments

Should a deposit be required, along with your first month’s rental payment, your deposit will be safeguarded by an independent rental deposit scheme called DPS, as is required by law.

Arranging Utilities

It is the tenant’s responsibility for the payment of gas, electricity, telephone, water and local authority council tax. During your sign up appointment you will be provided with the details of your incumbent suppliers. Once you have moved in you are free to switch to any supplier of your choice.

During Your Tenancy

Contact during the tenancy

Where your property is ‘Managed’ by MRC, if you have any queries you will be able to contact us in branch at 2-4 Baker Street, Hull, HU2 8HP, by email at [email protected] or by phone 01482 348080.

If your rented property is not ‘Managed’ by MRC, you will deal directly with the landlord after you move in. Your property consultant at MRC will be able to advise you on this point and, how to contact them.

Visual Inspections (‘Managed’ property only)

During the course of your tenancy, every six months, we will inspect the property you are renting to verify that the terms of the Tenancy Agreement are being complied with. We will write to you to make arrangements for an inspection date.

Ending Your Tenancy

Giving notice to vacate

Should you wish to vacate the property, to comply with the terms of your tenancy you will need to give a minimum of one months’ notice to coincide with a tenancy period i.e. rent due date is 20th of the month you would need to give notice on or before the 20th of the month prior to the month you wish to vacate in.

You cannot end a tenancy prior to the end of the fixed term, which will usually be six months from move in.

During your notice period as per the terms of your tenancy we may wish to conduct viewings with prospective tenants.

Return of your rental deposit

At the commencement of the Tenancy you will have received an inventory outlining the condition of the property. At the end of your Tenancy, a similar Check-out Report is compiled, and this is where the condition and cleanliness of the property is checked and reported against the inventory.
A copy of this report will be sent to yourself, your guarantor (if applicable) and your Landlord. It will detail any repairs or damages which we believe you are liable for and these will be highlighted on the checkout report. MRC will liaise with the Landlord about the return of your deposit and any deductions required. A copy of the Deposit Protection Services terms and conditions, will be provided at the start of your tenancy outlining how to obtain the return of your deposit.

Search for a Property

We have a variety of properties to let, so you can be sure to find the right fit for you. If you need more information on letting with MRC, click the link below.

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