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Your letting agent must put your deposit in a government backed deposit protection scheme within 30-days of receiving it. This ensures your deposit is protected throughout your tenancy, and at the end of your tenancy your deposit will be returned to you providing you:

  • Meet the terms of your tenancy agreement
  • Don’t damage the property
  • Pay your rent and bills

All deposit protection schemes are Government backed, the available schemes are

  • Deposit Protection Service
  • MyDeposits
  • Tenancy Deposit Scheme

At the end of your tenancy the deposit must be returned to the tenants within 10 days of tenant and landlord agreeing how much they’ll get back. If the amount is in dispute the deposit is protected until the issue is settled.

Holding deposits

Your landlord doesn’t have to protect a holding deposit (money you pay to ‘hold’ a property before an agreement is signed). Once you become a tenant, the holding deposit becomes a deposit, which they must protect in accordance with the above.

At MRC we use DPS (Deposit Protection Service) rated excellent on Trustpilot with over 3000 reviews.

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