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Some landlords feel they need the extra security provided by a guarantor, and a homeowner or working guarantor will further strengthen your property application.

A guarantor is someone who agrees to be responsible for your rent and your other legal obligations in a tenancy agreement. They may also be responsible for the rent and legal obligations of any co-tenants you share with. So, for example, if you or any of your co-tenants damage the property or don’t pay your rent, your guarantor may have to pay what you owe the landlord.

The landlord (or their agent or the tenant referencing company they use) will usually want a guarantor to be someone who:

Lives in the UK, and

Is over 18 years old, and

Is a homeowner and has a steady job that gives them enough income to be able to pay any debts that the tenant owes the landlord.

You cannot act as a guarantor for yourself, and you should not name anyone as a guarantor in any paperwork you complete without asking them first.

Your guarantor can complete the application form by clicking this link.


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