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MRC Estate & Letting Agents - Established in 1992, successfully finding people homes and managing property for over 30 years.

Since 1992, MRC Estate & Letting Agents, has specialised in property management, maintenance, and property repair.

During this time, we have built an enviable reputation of providing a high-quality management and repairs service to our clients, based on our proactive, flexible, and dependable approach.

We continually strive to add value through service and innovation, and the development of our easy-to-use property management app allows a landlord complete visibility and 24/7 access to all aspects of property management.

Simply put, we are here to make your life easier, ensure all legal obligations are met and your legal rights are protected and enforced. The support and service of a market leading letting agent doesn’t just save you money and time, it reduces risk, relieves the stress of being a hands-on landlord, and gives greater protection to you, your property, and your tenants.

Think about how much time you dedicate to managing your properties, and whether you struggle to balance property management with your other commitments, and then think about calling MRC Estate & Letting Agents, to discuss our low cost hassle-free property management.

We have over 30 years’ experience of managing properties, for more information, Click here


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Please note - properties may be undergoing maintenance works upon viewing so may not provide a true reflection of the move-in condition or presentation.