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Apex Property Repair & Maintenance specialising in residential and light commercial property maintenance. Experienced in all areas of repair and renovation, preventative maintenance and service programs, general repairs, and emergency services, including property boarding.

We are a respected and professional company of all trade multi-skilled contractors, plumbers, electricians, painters and decorators, roofers, and carpenters, all qualified, competent, and experienced to address all major and minor maintenance and property repair issues, including property conversations and home renovations. 

Our reputation is built on 30 years of honesty, integrity, and quality, and over that time we have developed an extensive network of qualified and experienced tradesmen and women, allowing us to confidently address all issues and deliver a cost effect solution, whether you are homeowner, landlord or business owner

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Please note - properties may be undergoing maintenance works upon viewing so may not provide a true reflection of the move-in condition or presentation.